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Conventional medicine is the medicine of WHAT - what disease, what pill. Health Coaching is the approach of WHY - why is this symptom occurring now and in this way. We view the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. We support the whole system to heal by itself, not just to reduce the symptoms. We focus on prevention. Here Western medical practices are combined with nutrition, diet, yoga, meditation and exercise; use of the latest laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques; and prescribed combinations of medicines, supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, or stress-management techniques

About Us

Harmony Wellness Concepts is an organization working primarily in the field of wellness empowerment and health coaching. We practice a holistic approach to health, which means we look at how all areas of life are connected. An integrated, functional approach to health will help you arrest the growth of lifestyle diseases like obesity, blood sugar issues, cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, PCOD, sleep disorders, gut disorders, mood disorders, toxicity, stress, chronic skin diseases and other prolonged health challenges and give you the tools to prevent their onset. We empower individuals to take charge of their own health by educating them about traditional and modern nutrition, designing personalized diets, identifying the right physical activities and improving their lifestyle and behavior habits.

Through our programs, we attempt to raise awareness about the importance of organic farming, vegetable gardening and being environment-friendly. We do not just coach people to be healthier but also help them build new perspectives on life, build serenity and insight for a happier, healthier and greener tomorrow. Harmony was established by Dr.Manjunath Sukumaran, Dr.Geetha Manjunath, and Dr. Sudheer Raveendran in 2012 and is based in Trivandrum, Kerala. We coach clients all over the globe via our Online Health Coaching Programs.

Our Team

Dr.Manjunath Sukumaran
Health Coach
Dr.Geetha Manjunath
Dr.Santhakumari Amma
Dr.Sudheer Raveendran
Nitin Mehra
Health Psychologist
Dr. Balagopal


Personal Health Coaching

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Obesity Solutions

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Online Health Coaching

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Corporate Wellness

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School Health

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Yoga & Fitness

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Community Wellness

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We provide individual, marriage, family, and group counseling services...



I am indebted to Dr.Manjunath for showing me the path to good health and wellness. His expertise in health analysis and solutions is uniquely exceptional.

M Jayachandran - Music Director

Thank you for the wonderful session on "Harmony in Work". It was a very unique experience for all the 55 participants and your efforts to share your wealth of knowledge in simple and lucid language is highly appreciated.

Capstocks and Securities - Trivandrum

You have inspired me to continue my diet once I go back to Mumbai.

Sudev Nair - Actor

"The Secrets to Optimal Health" conducted at SunTec was highly informative and packed with useful practices to be followed. An enlightening talk.

SunTec Business Solutions- Trivandrum

A stress-free program that is free of restrictions and crash diets. Healthy, consistent, sustainable weight loss.

Luna - Trivandrum

The invited talk by Dr.Manjunath on 'The Secrets of Optimal Health' was an eye opener. The session was very enjoyable thanks to his exciting presentation complete with interactions, humor and live demonstrations. It was a great experience.

Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD)

I have not just shed a few kilos, but I've turned my entire life around. I have a better routine, read more, work out more, I'm more focused, more productive and a lot happier. I love my life.

Anupama - Trivandrum

Harmony in Work' is a completely different way of looking at health. We highly recommend this workshop as a worthwhile investment to any corporate looking for a 360 degree approach to enhanced productivity.

Experion Technologies - Trivandrum

Through the Harmony Health Coaching program I've lost 11 kilos. I've overcome my acidity, migraine, cravings, constipation and gas and I'm now active and energetic.

Prasanth - Trivandrum

Dr.Manjunath and his team presented a brilliant lecture on 'The Secrets of Optimal Health & Healthy Ageing at our club. We thoroughly enjoyed his interactive session. Dr.Manjunath's oration and didactic approach to the subject deserves special mention.

Trivandrum Club

Instead of expensive weight loss programs, surgeries, fad diets or gym memberships, I stuck to the advises of my health coach, ate healthy, exercised and kept myself positive. Lost 14 kgs in 4 months and reversed many of my lifestyle disorders.

Sudha - Trivandrum

A perspective altering seminar on the upcoming trends in health and well being. A truly wonderful experience for our employees. Thank you for showing us how to feel less stressed and more energized at work.

Ernst & Young - Trivandrum

Harmony Children's Health Program will be extremely valuable for anybody who is interested in their children leading a healthy life empowered with the right information imparted in a unique way.

Indian Medical Association


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