'DO FATS MAKE YOU FAT? Many times, medical doctors, food & nutrition experts and fitness gurus advocate a diet low in fat to reduce the chances of weight gain and stay healthy. We are a fat-fearing community and we believe that eating fat makes us fat. Interestingly, fat is the only nutrient group used to describe a person. An overweight person is a ‘fat guy’ but a healthy person is never a 'vitamin guy'. What many fail to address was the difference between the dangers of low quality fat and health benefits of good fat.

Friday, November 21, 2014
'Targetting weight loss ' is not the way to lose weight Trying to lose weight is the worst possible way to lose weight. The key to obesity management is to aim for optimal health and in that process you lose weight automatically. Slimming down is a mere by product of your journey towards well-being. There is a necessity to rethink obesity as a health issue rather than a cosmetic issue. Many rapid weight loss fads and schemes fail primarily because they are short term programs with conflicting recommendations. But don’t be disheartened and don’t surrender yet. Take it one step at a time and EXIT THE WAY YOU ENTERED.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Choosing The Right Protein Protein is a component of food, a macronutrient and energy provider. Protein is the basic building block of human structure and is necessary to form muscles, skin, hair, nails, bones, blood, hormones, enzymes and immune cells. Noted Dutch chemist Mulder. G J (1838) described protein as “unquestionably the most important of all known-substances in the organic kingdom and without it no life appears possible on our planet.

Chemically, proteins are complex organic compounds made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Depending upon different types it may also contain sulphur , phosphorous, iron, iodine, copper and cobalt. Primary function of protein in body is growth and maintenance.
Saturday, May 10, 2014
Our planet is being bombarded with thousands of tonnes of harmful pollutants everyday. Our air is becoming increasingly unfit for breathing. Our soil and water are being poisoned by hazardous chemicals, and it is all going into our bodies, accumulating over time and affecting our health. The excessive stress of modern day life creates high levels of stress fighting hormones which can adversely affect our optimal health. Mental, emotional and spiritual intoxication also poses serious threat to the overall well being.

Studies have identified 287 toxins in the body and the majority of them are neuro-toxins. These include petrochemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizers, additives, coloring agents, processing agents, preservatives, everyday cosmetics, personal care and other home care products. Intentional toxicity includes abuse of alcohol, caffeine, gluten from wheat, medicines, sugar, diary, and white flour.

Thursday, March 20, 2014
STAY HYDRATED We can go without food for months but not more than 2-3 days without water. With hundreds of medical data, the impact of water on human health is proven, yet majority of the population remains unaware and uneducated about the subject. Most take too little water that they are in Chronic Unintentional dehydration (CUD). Similar to our planet Earth, 75% of human body is water. Water is crucial for life and survival. Sign of life in any planet is water.

In his sensational book titled ‘Your body’s many cries for water’ (1992) Dr Fereydoon Batamanghelidj goes to the extent of stating that “you are not sick, but thirsty”. As a physician who was a political prisoner for 3 years, he treated 3000 fellow prisoners with peptic ulcers with drinking water, dedicated his life to explore the role of water metabolism in human body. He suggested that the body indicates water shortage by pain (back pain, rheumatoid pain, migraine etc) He has emphasized the medical significance of water in the treatment and prevention of multiple sclerosis, high BP, depression, peptic ulcers, cravings, premature ageing, weight gain, asthma and allergies.
Friday, January 31, 2014
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