Our Team

Our coaching and counselling practices are informed by previous and ongoing research in counselling, psychotherapy, healthcoaching, neuroscience, social psychology, human behaviour, wellness,alternative treatments and performance research.

We have a specialized team with training in innovative counselling and coaching approaches including Mindfulness-based Therapy, Existential Therapy (Psychotherapy), Alternative Therapies (Yoga, Accupressure and Reiki) and Health Coaching (which is taken care holistically by a team of counsellors,doctors and health coaches for various lifestyle and psychological issues).

Dr. Manjunath Sukumaran
Holistic Health Coach
Dr.Sudheer,MBBS, DNB
Dr.Balagopal,MBBS, DCH
Mr. Nitin Mehra, B.Tech, Masters In Psychology, Pursuing Ph.D (Psychology)
Counselling Psychologist
  We have the following Counselling and Health consultants as part of our team at Harmony Wellness Concepts (Hsr Layout/ Sarjapur Road, Bangalore).

Mrs. Geeta Mehra, M.A., P.G Diploma in Yoga (Govt. Recognized), Accupressure Therapist, Reiki GrandMaster has over 30 years of experience in providing holistic healing and treatment using a combination of Yoga, Accupressure and Reiki for various mind and body ailments. She uses alternative treatment methods for prevention and cure of diseases in order to promote well-being.


Mr. Nitin Mehra, B.Tech, Masters In Psychology, Pursuing Ph.D (Psychology), Counselling Psychologist is an expert in behavioral sciences (Counselling Psychologist), delivers training and coaching in diverse settings and multiple domains especially in the field of health psychology, relationship and career counseling. He did his engineering and worked in companies like Cognizant and HCL. His passion for reaching out to people and deep interest in human psychology evolved him into his present profile.


Mr. Amaresh Nath, M.Sc. Counselling Psychology has good experience in working with adolescents and adults in the fields of Career Counseling, Suicide Prevention, Teaching Life Skills and Personality Development. He has rich experience in conducting training programs.


Mrs. Chandni Mehta, Master In Counselling Psychology, Counselling Psychologist is a practising psychotherapist, who is passionate about Psychology and believes that every living being is capable of becoming self-realised. She wants to spread awareness about mental health in society by working hard and having strong ethics. She has done her Bachelors from L. D. Arts, Ahmedabad and Masters in Counseling Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore. She has research interests in the areas of parenting and counsellor development.