Obesity Solutions    
Trying to lose weight is the worst possible way to lose weight. The key to obesity management is to aim for optimal health and in that process you lose weight automatically. Slimming down is a mere by product of your journey towards well-being. There is a necessity to rethink obesity as a health issue rather than a cosmetic issue. Many rapid weight loss fads and schemes fail primarily because they are short term programs with conflicting recommendations. But don’t be disheartened and don’t surrender yet. Take it one step at a time and exit the way you entered.

Redefine Obesity

Many of us start and measure our success in obesity management in the bathroom scale. What we fail to understand is that weight loss can happen in a variety of ways; burning of excess weight, the right way, as well as unhealthy ways like losing water and muscle. Scale weight is too simplistic and unscientific a way of tracking your obesity. Redefine your target using body frame, amount of body fat, ratio of body fat to lean muscle tissue and the distribution area of fat. BMI, Body fat percentage, Waist to Hip ratio are the body metrics to be considered.

The Underlying Causes

Chronic inflammation

Overcoming obesity is a simple process, but not simple enough for you to do it just by stopping junk food and going for morning walks. Many seem to plateau after an initial weight loss. The underlying cause of obesity is Chronic Inflammation happening deep inside your body at the cellular level. In fact, inflammation is the leading cause of most chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes, heart attacks and cancer. So you see, you’ve been fighting the wrong enemy for so long. Any weight loss program should target inflammation reduction. When that is addressed weight loss happens automatically.

Insulin Resistance Another mighty important link many experts overlooks is the development of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a stage in which diabetes is not clinically diagnosable but eats away your body silently. An individual may not be clinically diabetic ( Fasting Blood Sugar > 120 mg/dl) but analysis of fasting insulin and blood sugar values show the sign of insulin resistance. (FBS > 100 mg/dl,
Fasting Insulin > 5). When you’re here, even after restricted diet intake and exercise, majority tend to rebound.


Stress plays another key role in the increase of weight. Stress causes increased production of cortisol which leads to further inflammation and insulin resistance.

Facts about Obesity

• You need to treat obesity more as a health issue rather than a cosmetic issue. Don’t target weight loss but aim to achieve health and thus achieve ideal body weight.

• Many people tend to lose weight unscientifically through the loss of body water and muscles. This is extremely unhealthy and they tend to regain body weight quickly.

• Never believe in fad programs, products and schemes. Healthy weight loss can happen only through permanent behavioral and lifestyle modifications.

• Any weight management program should be based on scientific indices like BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Waist to Hip Ratio, Insulin Resistance, Chronic Inflammation and Toxicity assessment (Weighing Scale is not the only option).

• Personal diet and exercise programs should be customized based on blood type, metabolic type and body type.

We help you overcome obesity and achieve optimal health by simple and enjoyable, step by step methods based on the above scientific principles