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Harmony Wellness Concepts' health workshop for corporates titled 'Harmony in Work' is a completely different way of looking at health and wellness. Their integrated approach to health incorporates many unique concepts Iike Bio - individuality, Primary food that deal with finer aspects of living like spirituality, physical activity, relationship etc. We had a wonderful experience with the Harmony team. We highly recommend this workshop as a worthwhile investment to any corporate looking for a 360degree approach to enhanced productivity.

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  Capstocks and Securities (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Dr Manjunath,

On behalf of my colleagues at Capstocks I express my sincere thanks to you and your team for the wonderful session on “Harmony in Work”.
It was a very unique experience for all the 55 participants and your efforts to share your wealth of knowledge in simple and lucid language is highly appreciated. All my colleagues gave excellent feedbacks and are very much satisfied as they gained new and hitherto unheard concepts
on maintaining good health through good food habits and regular exercise. The concept of preventing and treating the root cause of illness and diseases rather than the present trend of treating them with medication is clearly understood. Please convey our thanks to Dr.Sudheer and
Dr.Balagopal for their excellent presentations.

Thanking you once again for the wonderful session.

  Indian Medical Association
Harmony Wellness Concepts had conducted a Children’s Health program, Health-Teen, at IMA as part of Summersault- our summer camp program for kids.

Their approach was unique in many aspects. The initial questionnaire distributed by Harmony to be filled up before the program was extremely helpful in uncovering certain important areas of their health which required attention and correction.

The session itself was interactive and lively as there was a hands on learning experience for the children regarding important concepts of nutrition and health. Of particular mention would be the way children were encouraged to differentiate whole foods from junk food in a live demonstration with food samples. No doubt, that the information they gained form the exercise is going to stay with them and help them in making healthy food choices in future as well as in leading a healthy life.

The faculty could really connect with the children. The demonstration on healthy juicing was the icing on the cake and the group was more excited than at the start of the session.

Harmony Children’s Health Program will be extremely valuable for anybody who is interested in their children leading a healthy life empowered with the right information imparted in a unique way.

Thanking you,

Dr Sunoj K S
IMA Thiruvananthapuram.
How I beat Obesity and turned my life around
It is hard being overweight. Obesity is more than a disease. It takes a toll on your spirit. A few months ago, I weighed a lot more than I should, and people all around me kept reminding me of it. I was always hungry and craved junk food. I had no physical activity; no sports; no exercise, a dwindling social circle and I was stressed. It was adding to the stress of marriage prospects that a girl of my age goes through. I also suffered from allergies, headaches, constipation and indigestion. I hated myself.

Now, six months into my Harmony Health Coaching program, I have shed nearly 7 kg. I start my days with a scientifically designed fitness program at the Harmony Yoga & Fitness Studio. I can handle issues at my office without putting myself through stress, I have slowly developed a social circle that encourages and empowers me. My outlook towards life itself has changed; I love my life. I have learnt how important it is to love oneself and take care of one's mind and body. I read more often, I can balance work & personal schedules and have gotten rid of my laziness. I have established a routine in my life and through it conquered my anxiety, irritability, lack of concentration and fear. By following the modules that Dr Manjunath and team provided I have improved my eating and lifestyle habits and through it, I have gotten rid of all the small health issues that had bothered me in the past. Headaches, allergies, constipation and cravings have all disappeared completely. My skin color, tone and appearance has changed drastically, not through cosmetics or skin care products, but from the inside out through diet and lifestyle modfications. I believe life is about being better than what you were yesterday and I constantly strive to make sure that happens.

Anupama Asok, Trivandrum
When I enrolled for the Harmony Health Coaching Program I had already suffered 2 miscarriages. I had been diagnosed with PCOD and had been living with obesity; diseases that were weighing me down, physically and emotionally.

I came across Dr Manjunath and his team through a Corporate Wellness seminar that they held at my workplace, EY. After signing up for a six months program, along with an integrated team of health coaches, functional medicine experts and health psychologists, I received a complete psychological & physical makeover. I am now cured of my PCOD. I lost 10kg in less that 6 months. On the 21st of July 2015, I gave birth to my son.

Harmony helped me with diet plans and exercise modules customized for my needs and my lifestyle. I was introduced to the exciting world of Health and wellness through healthy cooking and healthy shopping sessions. And above all, I discovered that ‘Food is the best medicine’.

Priyamole, Trivandrum